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Feng Shui

In this informative and clearly illustrated guide to living in harmony with chi'i, the life-giving energy in and around us all, experts explain how to rebalance the flow of energy to bring health, happiness, and good fortune into your life.
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Feng shui made easy - create health, wealth and happiness through the power

People are increasingly looking to find balance in every aspect of their lives - including their homes. An expert in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, Davina MacKail demystifies and debunks the myths surrounding feng shui and explains its principles in simple terms to help the reader achieve the ultimate goal: harmony in their home and life.
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Vanliga och ovanliga feng shui symboler

Diana Sjöbeck välkomnar dig till en spännande värld av vanliga och ovanliga symboler inom Feng Shui.
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Less Stuff

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The Magical Home: Inspired ideas and simple spells for an enchanted life

Transform your living space into a comforting home with a little magic. From step-by-step instructions for divine decluttering to ‘pagan feng shui’ for every room, Cerridwen Greenleaf’s guide to a happy home is essential reading for anyone who wants to live the good life.
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