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10 great wine families : a tour through Europe

An up-close and personal insight into 10 of Europe’s most celebrated winemaking families that chronicles their triumphs, trials and tribulations through successive generations.
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Nebbiolo - så funkar det

"'Alf och Petter är tillbaka med en ohämmad hyllning till världens bästa druva. En kärleksfull djupdykning bland de magiska vinerna från Barolo och Barbaresco
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We don't want any crap in our wine : the women behind the bottle

The natural wine movement has grown from being an outsider in the wine world to become trendy and sought-after. But it’s hard being a natural winegrower, so it’s a tough and risky life choice. And women are still outnumbered by men, even among natural winegrowers. We Don’t Want Any Crap in Our Wine is the first book focusing solely on women producers of natural wine, their passion and challenges.
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Wine tasting : commemorative edition

The book that began it all: Michael Broadbent’s definitive guide republished as a special Commemorative Edition with contributions from friends, colleagues and family, plus a unique insight into the author’s artistic and musical talents.
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